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Basic Customization Features

If you require multiple copies of your form, select 2 or more parts.

Each form in an order is sequentially numbered. The default starting number for an order is 1 (for a new order). Alternatively, you may select any starting number between 1 and 999999.

You may choose to have sequential numbering printed on the upper right corner of the form if your software program does not allow for this output.

You can choose to have your personalization information (company name, address, phone number, etc.) printed left-justified in the upper left corner or centre-justified in the upper middle area of your form.




Many businesses like to add their company's logo to their cheques, forms or envelopes. Alternatively, D+H offers a collection of stock logos from which you may choose. In both cases, the logo will appear in the upper left corner of your product.

To ensure an optimal result, the custom logo you upload must meet the following specifications:
1. Maximum file size of your logo image that can be uploaded is 2 MB (megabytes).
2. We can only accept EPS (preferred format), AI (preferred format), TIF and JPEG file formats.
3. Minimum resolution is 300 DPI.
4. Logo image cannot exceed a 3:1 aspect ratio (height to width or width to height).
5. Logo image cannot be smaller than 1/2 inch or larger than 8 inches (height or width).

Personalization is printed in our standard font at no additional charge. You can also choose from a selection of special fonts for a small additional fee.

A proof is a black and white image of your form, displaying the information being printed as well as the line work. A proof allows you to confirm that the information is correct prior to the order being produced.

Note: If you request a proof, we will not produce your order until we receive your approval. This may cause a slight delay in you receiving your order. Express delivery is not available with this option.


Personalization to be printed on your forms

Product Preview*

The image below shows how your product will appear. Please review all the information carefully to ensure its accuracy.

Product Preview
This image is for illustration purposes only and provides you with a low resolution view of your computer form, along with the approximate positioning of where your personalization will appear.