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Direct Deposit Advice Slip

Provides printed details of payroll deposits

You may choose to have sequential numbering printed on the upper right corner of the form if your software program does not allow for this output.

Basic Customization Features

If you require multiple copies of your form, select 2 or more parts.

Product Preview*

The image below shows how your product will appear. Please review all the information carefully to ensure its accuracy.

Product Preview
This image is for illustration purposes only and provides you with a low resolution view of the cheque background, along with the approximate positioning of where your personalization information (business name, address, phone number, etc.), financial institution address and customization features (e.g. number of signature lines, etc.) will appear on the cheque. Your account number has been partially masked for security reasons.

For U.S. dollar accounts - The words U.S. FUNDS will be included on your cheques along with a transaction code 45 (which appears in the MICR line). Transaction code 45 is a mandatory requirement from Payments Canada for cheques written on a U.S. dollar account.